Cervical smear services are provided as part of the National Cervical Screening Programme. Having regular cervical smear tests every three years is the best protection against cervical cancer, and a cervical smear test will show if there are any abnormal changes in cells on the cervix.

All women in New Zealand aged between 20 and 70 years old should have regular cervical smears.

Smears are free for:

  • Women aged 20-69 years who are of Pacific, Maori and Asian ethnicity
  • Other women over 30yrs who have never had a smear or who haven’t had a smear in the past 5 years

Smears are not available for:

  • Women who have never had any sexual relationship
  • Pregnant mothers – they can only have their smears after delivery of the baby

Cervical screening services focus on:

  • Taking regular cervical smears (1 every 3 years)
  • Reminders for upcoming appointments
  • Education and awareness of the importance of cervical screening